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The Ancient Church of Christ
The History of Orthodox Christianity
Taste the Fountain of Immortality
MOUNT ATHOS: The Holy Mountain
ICON OF UNITY - The Holy Iveron Icon of Hawaii
Mailing Address
Holy Theotokos of Iveron Russian Orthodox Church
845 Queen Street #101
Honolulu, HI 96813

Email and Phone
(808) 256-9482 (Phone)

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Please help us to build a Church in Hawaii to the glory of Our Lord Jesus Christ!

Sunday, 14 / 27 May
9:00am Hours
9:30am Divine Liturgy
Wednesday, 17 / 30 May
6:15pm Akathist
Saturday, 20 May / 2 June
6:15pm Great Vespers and Confessions
Sunday, 21 May / 3 June
Sunday of All Saints
9:00am Hours
9:30am Divine Liturgy